Ronaldo and His Alleged Girlfriend to Spend New Year Festivities in…

Rabat – Real Madrid’ super star, Cristiano Ronaldo, is allegedly spending the last days of 2015 in Fez, Morocco’s spiritual capital.According to Moroccan daily L’Economiste, the Portuguese player arrived in Fez on Sunday alongside his new girlfriend, French-Portuguese top model, Mélanie Martins. The couple is reportedly staying at Riyad Fraj, in Ziat neighborhood in the old part of Fez.Spanish and Moroccan media reported on Monday that the three-time Ballon d’Or winner was expected to spend his New Year’s Eve in Marrakech along with his teammate Karim Benzema and his Moroccan friend, Badr Hari. Ronaldo’s continuous trip to Morocco have raised a number of questions on the real reasons behind them.Earlier this month, Spanish and British media claimed that Ronaldo was in a “gay relationship” with his Moroccan friend Badr Hari.None of the two celebrities reacted to this rumor. On Monday December 21, Portuguese magazine Nova Gente published photos of Ronaldo and Martins on its cover page, and claimed that the supermodel is Ronaldo’s new girlfriend.The magazine described Melanie as “the secret of Morocco,” adding that she is the reason behind Ronaldo’s “mysterious trips.”However, in an interview with Moroccan website Alyaoum24, Melanie has denied being in an intimate relationship with Cristiano, adding that she goes continuously to Morocco for professional reasons.“People can make up whatever they want. I’m here for professional reasons and seriously I have no idea what (Ronaldo) does here,” the Portuguese model said, noting that Morocco is “one of her favorite destinations.”However, when asked whether they know each other, Mélanie was reluctant to speak. “I prefer not to answer, because it is a sensitive issue,” she said. read more

On Human Rights Day UN rights chief reminisces as victim and enforcer

On the day that the United Nations celebrated the 60th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the world body’s new top human rights official brought her own special focus to the issue – as victim and nemesis of abuse.“I was told things like ‘white secretaries can’t take instructions from a black person,’” High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, who is of Indian descent, told the UN News Centre today, recalling her years growing up in apartheid South Africa when she wanted to become a lawyer in a society stratified by institutionalized racial discrimination.But she persevered, completed her university law studies and, finally, was taken on as an intern by a black lawyer. She opened a law practice of her own in 1967, not out of choice, but because nobody would employ a black woman lawyer, and by the early 1970s, had challenged laws that permitted torture and unlawful methods of interrogation, leading to better conditions for all those imprisoned on Robben Island, including future president Nelson Mandela.Over 20 years later, Ms. Pillay was on the other side of the bar, meting out justice to the Hutu extremist perpetrators of the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Tutsis and moderate Hutus as President of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR).“I came to know in painful detail, killing by killing, the unimaginable destruction of humanity when ethnic hatred exploded into genocide,” she said. “I know that the consequences of allowing discrimination, inequality and intolerance to fester and spiral out of control can have genocidal consequences.”And how does the world appear today after a century marked by so much blood-letting, torture and persecution?“Impunity, armed conflict and authoritarian rule have not been defeated,” she said. “Regrettably, human rights are at times sidestepped to promote short-sighted security agendas. And lamentably, a trade-off between justice and peace is often erroneously invoked when societies emerge from conflict and combatants return to their communities.“It also distresses me that violence against women is still a daily occurrence in too many countries. The UN Security Council and international tribunals have clearly established that rape and other forms of sexual violence can amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity or may be regarded as constitutive acts with respect to genocide. Perpetrators should be brought to justice if cycles of violence and brutal retribution are to be halted.” But just as she persevered over 40 years ago as a young university student, so will she persevere today as the world’s top human rights official. “One of the main challenges I face, like my predecessors, is to get the international community to take human rights seriously. When I leave this job, I would like to be able to say that I’ve made a real difference in some people’s lives, because the organization I head has functioned to its full potential.” 10 December 2008On the day that the United Nations celebrated the 60th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the world body’s new top human rights official brought her own special focus to the issue – as victim and nemesis of abuse. read more

UN calls for renewed effort to eliminate iodine deficiency risk to mental

The UN General Assembly at the Special Session for Children in 2002 set next year as the target goal for eliminating iodine deficiency, and the World Health Organization (WHO) report – Iodine status worldwide – says sustained efforts by the 54 iodine-deficient countries are required to strengthen salt iodization programs.”Iodine deficiency is a major threat to the health and development of people worldwide, particularly preschool children and pregnant women,” WHO Director-General Lee Jong-wook said of the problem, which leads to poor school performance, reduced intellectual ability and impaired work capacity. “This report shows that the goal of eliminating iodine deficiency around the world is within reach.”Bruno de Benoist of WHO’s Department of Nutrition for Health and Development noted that salt iodization is a very easy, cheap and affordable strategy mainly requiring the will of the countries concerned. “Governments should have a better partnership with the salt industry,” he told the UN News Service. “We could see very significant progress within a year.”Deficiency results when soil is poor in iodine, causing insufficient iodine intake in food, leading to low levels of thyroid hormones in the blood with consequent functional and developmental abnormalities, collectively referred to as iodine deficiency disorders. Cretinism is the most extreme manifestation. Universal salt iodization has been implemented in most countries where deficiency is a public health problem under the leadership of WHO and the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Globally, UNICEF estimates that 66 per cent of households now have access to iodized salt.In 1993, iodine deficiency was a public health problem in 110 countries, showing the effectiveness of the universal salt iodization strategy, WHO said. Of the 54 deficient countries, 40 are mildly so and 14 moderately or even severely iodine deficient. In 29 countries, iodine intake was slightly too high or excessive which could result in iodine-induced thyroid dysfunction, highlighting the important need to reinforce monitoring of iodized salt quality to ensure optimal iodine nutrition.WHO said it faces a dual challenge: to continue maintaining the Global Databank on Iodine Deficiency to track progress made by countries; and to work closely with governments and partners to help Member States ensure that populations at risk have access to iodized salt. read more

Taking the Brock story to Ontario Universities Fair

Rico Natale, Director of Student Awards, rounds up some of the Brock volunteers who took the Badger bus to the Ontario Universities’ Fair on Friday morning.About 100 students, faculty and staff headed down the QEW on Friday Sept. 19 to promote Brock at the 2014 Ontario Universities’ Fair (OUF).Canada’s largest student and educational fair, OUF is a critical recruitment event that attracts more than 120,000 people over three days at the Toronto Convention Centre.Thousands of high school students and their families will visit the Brock booth, to be engaged by our ambassadors providing insights, discussing course offerings and generally pointing out all of the reasons why many people choose Brock.“OUF provides us with an opportunity to gain attention in a market that is important to us,” said Beth Natale, Brock’s Director of Recruitment. “In January 2014, almost 54 per cent of Brock’s first-year applicant pool came from the GTA, and about 43 per cent of our first-year confirmations for this fall came from the GTA.“OUF helps make Brock more recognizable to people across the province, lets us introduce ourselves and make a strong first impression.”Making a strong first impression: OUF visitors line up at the Brock booth. read more

Settle the Beef Kareem AbdulJabbar Critical of Dwight Howards

Many past Los Angeles Lakers players are upset that Dwight Howard decided to leave the team for the Houston Rockets.Shaquille O’Neal attacked the young star by accusing him of not being not being able to step up to the pressure of LA’s expectations. Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson and Metta World Peace have all been vocal about Howard’s departure. Now, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has joined the criticizing the all-star player.The Lakers legend, who is the NBA’s all-time scoring leader, took to his Facebook page on Monday:“Dwight Howard is a perfect example of the fact that potential has a shelf life. Laker fans should be patient and allow Mitch & company to prepare themselves to do some serious work in the free agent market.”Dwight Howard signed a four-year, $88 million-deal with the Houston Rockets. read more

Poise leadership make JT Barrett stand out

Redshirt-freshman quarterback J.T. Barrett carries the ball during a game against Navy on Aug. 30 at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore. OSU won, 34-17. Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editorWhen J.T. Barrett became the next in the line of Ohio State starting quarterbacks, he was little more than an unknown.Five weeks and three starts later, the redshirt-freshman’s teammates know exactly who they have leading the team.Junior offensive lineman Taylor Decker called Barrett a “football-savvy guy” and praised his intelligence before delving into the quarterback’s qualities as a leader.“The way he portrays himself out there is that he’s confident in himself,” Decker said. “If he’s confident in himself, then we’re confident in him.”Barrett, a native of Wichita Falls, Texas, instilled that confidence in his teammates partially by leading the Buckeyes to second-half comebacks in the first two games of the season.One of those comebacks resulted in a win when OSU beat Navy, 34-17, on Aug. 30 in Baltimore, while the other ended with Barrett being sacked six times in the second half. Even as he spent extended time on the Ohio Stadium turf, Decker said he never would have known what was happening on the field based off of the quarterback’s sideline composure.“He’s a good leader and he stays calm,” Decker said. “He was taking some hits and on the sideline, you wouldn’t even know it the way he was handling himself.”That game — a 35-21 loss to Virginia Tech in the Buckeyes’ home opener — might have served as a wake-up call for some, or simple motivation for others.Senior wide receiver Evan Spencer said the loss sparked Barrett to work even harder, and the improvement showed on the field the following week against Kent State.“I think that that struggle (against Virginia Tech) for him helped him get better as a player,” Spencer said.Against Kent State, Barrett threw for 312 yards — the first official 300-yard passing performance by an OSU quarterback since Troy Smith did it in 2006 — and tied a school record with six touchdown passes. While injured senior quarterback Braxton Miller has his named peppered throughout the OSU record books, those are two numbers he has yet to hit as a Buckeye.Spencer said Barrett’s record-setting game — especially coming off a loss — did wonders in boosting his confidence heading into OSU’s week off.“In practice so far (last) week, you can tell he’s launching the ball a little bit better, he’s more confident in everything he’s doing,” Spencer said. “And that’s really come to fruition this week.”Win or lose, OSU coach Urban Meyer said Barrett’s understanding of how to improve from week to week — or even day to day — sets him apart from other players he has coached during his career.“He’s been raised that way, it’s interesting, we get all kinds,” Meyer said Wednesday. “You can imagine over 20 years, 28 years of coaching, you get kids that … don’t understand what you said, the process of growing up.”Meyer said Barrett’s ability to grasp that idea has helped him take steps forward early this season, and makes him enjoyable to coach.“He understands every day is a chance to get better,” Meyer said. “That’s the best part about coaching him. He attacks today like … he’s a rookie.”Barrett’s next start is set to come Saturday when the Buckeyes are scheduled to host Cincinnati at 6 p.m. read more

Passchendaele war memorials illustrate sacrifice of thousands in bloody battle

first_imgMajor Arthur WatsonBritish Army, King’s Royal Rifle CorpsCredit:Historic England Roger Bowdler, Director of Listing at Historic England, said: “Passchendaele was a truly grim affair, waged over three muddy, bloody months. It succeeded in wearing down the Germans and taking pressure off the French, but at a high cost in lives. These newly listed and upgraded memorials are just some of the tributes to the losses of so many.”Descendants of those who fought at Passchendaele, also known as the 3rd Battle of Ypres, are travelling to Belgium to commemorate the centenary alongside the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Now a war memorial dedicated to the memory of the County Durham colliery owner is among 13 such memorials being given special protection because of their historic significance.The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has listed or upgraded the memorials, on the advice of Historic England, to coincide with this weekend’s 100th anniversary of the start of the bloody Battle of Passchendaele, which saw the loss of as many as half a million men on both sides.Major Watson’s ambition to become a soldier was initially thwarted by the loss of his right eye in a shooting accident. It was a fateful gesture of comradeship that would cost him his life.Given leave to return to Britain for a short respite from the horrors of the Western Front, Major Arthur T Watson chose first to say goodbye to his friends in the trenches.But as he paused to pick up a bundle of letters from his fellow soldiers to take back home a shell exploded nearby, fatally wounding him. The Major – a father of two whose family owned the colliery near the village of Hamsterley – was buried at La Clytte Military Cemetery, in Belgium, after dying of his wounds on 5 August 1917.Hamsterley’s mineworkers chose to pay tribute to him with an inscription on the memorial to 58 of their number killed in action – which was today given a Grade II listing – reading: “The workmen of this Village wish to place on record their sorrow at the loss of their friend and Employer whose memory they will hold in affection for all time.”Also newly listed is a memorial in Northampton to the rugby star and war hero to Edgar Roberts Mobbs – a rare example of a public war memorial dedicated to an individual.Mobbs was an acclaimed England rugby international who, on the outbreak of war, was refused a commission on grounds of age. Undeterred he raised his own ‘Sportsman’s Battalion’ of 264 sportsmen, nicknamed Mobbs’ Own, in the Northamptonshire Regiment.Mobbs fought at the Battles of Loos, Somme, Arras and Messines before being killed in action on 31 July, the first day of the Battle of Passchendaele. His body was never found. Memorial to Edgar Mobbs, Abington Square, NorthamptonCredit:Historic England Memorial to Edgar Mobbs, Abington Square, Northampton Major Arthur WatsonBritish Army, King's Royal Rifle Corps After eventually being commissioned at the age of 46 he fought with the King’s Royal Rifle Corps at the Battle of the Somme, where he was badly wounded, before returning to France in 1917 to fight at Messines and then, finally, at Passchendaele. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Photos One winner many losers at annual cheese rolling race

first_imgIT IS SIMULTANEOUSLY one of the strangest, riskiest and most inexplicable traditions of our neighbours across the water.Every year, brave/foolhardy participants chase a giant 7lb wheel of cheese down a steep hill in Gloucestershire in England. Or, as was the case earlier this week, a fake foam cheese replacing the real wheel of cheese in the interests of safety (although we’re not quite clear on how that makes it any safer).The event was won by 27-year-old Kenny Rackers, who travelled 4,000 miles to take part after seeing it on television and trained hard in advance. “It put it on my bucket list and today it was to win and that’s what I did,” he told reporters afterwards.The event has attracted the attention of health and safety officials in recent years, who cancelled it in 2009 after more than 10,000 people  turned up to watch. Since then, it has been held as an unofficial event every year, with the BBC reporting that the 86-year-old woman who has made the wheel of Double Gloucester for the past 25 years was warned by police that she could be held responsible if there were any injuries during the race.Here’s how it looked: (All photos: Tim Ireland/PA Wire)Read: Irish biscuits: A definitive ranking from worst to best > Read: 17 old photos of strange and uncomfortable women’s underwear >last_img read more

Angry Birds Rio launches new Beach Volley episode gets hipster theme song

If you’ve already played and beaten Angry Birds multiple times, you’ve probably also been playing Rovio’s newest version, Angry Birds Rio, which ties into 20th Century Fox’s animated film “Rio”. Angry Birds Rio was launched for iOS, Android and Mac OS X in March.The characters appear in Rio de Janeiro. It initially included two episodes with 30 levels each. The first episode has the birds rescuing caged exotic birds, and in the second episode, the birds were attacking marmosets.This update takes the birds to the beaches of Rio and focuses more on monkey attacks than the peaceful freeing of birds.Rovio is mixing things up by adding different materials to the update, including a lot more sand and sun, as well as various beach paraphernalia like inflatable rings, beach umbrellas, plantains, and a special golden fruit.Angry Birds Rio is available at the iTunes App Store and the Amazon App Store for 99 cents. Android users can also access Angry Birds Rio from the Android Market for free. Once you have Angry Birds Rio, the updates are free, and Rovio is promising more updates will be released throughout the year. Currently, you can only get the Beach Volley update through the Amazon and iTunes version, since those are paid versions. The Android Market and a Windows Phone 7 versiona are on their way. You can see a trailer of Beach Volley below.In addition to the new update, there’s also an Angry Birds Rio samba single being released in the Apple iTunes Store for 99 cents. It’s based on the music from the Angry Birds Rio. However, the samba single may have some competition as Pomplamoose, a popular band seen often on YouTube, has just released its cover of the Angry Birds theme song. You may know the duo that makes up Pomplamoose from Toyota’s “Mr. Sandman” commercial in 2010,or Hyundai’s 2010 Christmas commercial.You can watch the video below. Warning, there is some Angry Birds-style violence. read more

Coston picked to return to transportation panel after controversial vote

first_imgA familiar face is returning to the Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council.Washougal City Councilwoman Molly Coston will return to the transportation planning group as the Camas and Washougal representative after a monthlong hiatus. Coston was on RTC for three years, serving as chairwoman last year.Last month, the Washougal council appointed one of its members, Dave Shoemaker, to serve as the east county representative. The Camas council wanted Coston to serve another year but deferred to Washougal’s decision.But after Shoemaker cast a controversial vote during his first RTC meeting on Feb. 1, he resigned from the post.On Monday night, members from each council cast individual votes on who should represent the two cities. Coston was appointed with 11 of 14 votes. Washougal Councilwoman Jennifer McDaniel, who received three votes, was selected as the alternate.Washougal Mayor Sean Guard said the council members cast individual votes as opposed to voting as two councils to avoid another split decision. After the two councils disagreed in January, city officials contacted the Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington for advice. Officials at the center suggested voting individually, Guard said.Both city councils also passed resolutions voicing support for two Camas capital projects: a $2 million extension of Northwest 38th Avenue and a $20 million Slough Bridge widening project on state Highway 14. At his only meeting, Shoemaker voted against the RTC’s list of federal transportation appropriation requests, which included the Camas projects.last_img read more

Google targeted by Republican senators over Huawei project

first_img Politics Tags Share your voice Comment The letter to Google came from the office of Sen. Josh Hawley. Getty Images Congress wants answers from Google about the tech giant’s relationship with Chinese company Huawei. Three Republican senators sent a letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Wednesday, following reports last week that Google is working with Huawei on an internet-enabled speaker with a microphone. Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas chastised Google for reportedly partnering with Huawei on a device before suspending the project because of President Donald Trump restricting Huawei’s access to US tech suppliers. The White House cited national security concerns for clamping down on Huawei.”What due diligence did Google perform before agreeing to help Huawei put a listening device into millions of American living rooms?” the letter says. “As we have discovered, Huawei poses serious concerns about national security.” The senators also asked Pichai several specific questions, including when the two companies began working on the device and whether Google would continue developing the device with Huawei if the Chinese company were taken off the trade blacklist. Google has until Aug. 30 to respond. Huawei didn’t respond to a request for comment. In a statement, Google said it’s not currently developing a smart speaker with Huawei but didn’t specifically address the letter. The senators also blasted Google for its other work in China, including setting up an artificial intelligence lab in Beijing two years ago. And the lawmakers criticized Google for a project called Dragonfly, which was an attempt to build a search product for China, after Google had initially retreated from the Chinese market in 2010. Last month, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he met with Pichai to discuss the company’s work in China. After the meeting, Mnuchin said he and Trump had no security concerns about Google’s work in the country. Two days later, though, Trump tweeted that there “may or may not” be security concerns.Update, 3:18 a.m. PT: Adds response from Google. 1 Google Huawei Alphabet Inc.last_img read more

Board of Regents Rescinds President Gambles Retention Bonus At His Request

first_imgThe University of Alaska Board of Regents met in Anchorage for an executive session. At the end of the meeting, they went into public session and voted 9-1 to rescind President Pat Gamble’s retention bonus. (Photo by Josh Edge, APRN – Anchorage)The University of Alaska Board of Regents Monday voted Monday to rescind President Pat Gamble’s $320,000 retention bonus by a 9-1 vote.The Board reviewed the decision to award the bonus at the request of President Gamble.“I think a number of us felt that a deal is a deal and it was a commitment we had made, and so we did it with some reluctance,” Pat Jacobson, the chair of the Board of Regents, said. “At the same time, again, this gentleman, this very capable gentleman who has done such a good job for the university felt it was a thing we needed to do in order to move forward positively – and so we accepted it.”The Board originally approved the retention incentive at its June meeting.With the university facing system-wide budget cuts and declining state funding, President Gamble says the timing was bad.“It just is not a good time to be personally standing up and smiling because you get a big bonus when you’ve got a tight budget and you’re looking at dropping programs or dropping people,” Gamble said.Ultimately, Gamble says the sentiment of the students, staff, and faculty played a significant role in his decision to ask the Board to reconsider the bonus.“My ability to actually deal with the people that I have to deal with to move this university forward, that’s where my concern laid,” he said. “And that’s where I was beginning to have feelings that I was starting to lose some of that, and that’s why I made the recommendation to the Board.”The bonus would have been awarded at the end of President Gamble’s current contract in May 2016.last_img read more

EU high representative due on 19 Nov

first_imgFederica MogheriniEuropean Union (EU) high representative Federica Mogherini will arrive in Dhaka on 19 November to visit Rohingya camp in Kutupalong of Cox’s Bazar, according to an EU delegation in Dhaka.She is scheduled to pay a one day visit to Bangladesh ahead of attending the 13th ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) foreign ministers’ meeting to be held on 20-21 November in Nay Pyi TAW of Myanmar.Federica Mogherini will also address a press conference in Dhaka at the end of her visit on the same day.last_img

Nintendo is releasing a Mario game for iOS

first_imgNintendo has been clear about plans to venture into mobile territory and at the Apple Keynote on Wednesday, the studio announced its next step with a new Mario game on iOS.Super Mario Run is a new endless runner that you can play with one hand, using graphics from New Super Mario Bros. Shigeru Miyamoto, the chief game designer at Nintendo and the person credited with the creation of Mario, made a surprise appearance at the conference to introduce the game.According to the official description of the game, which is already up on the App Store, the game will feature courses for players to compete. How you navigate the levels–which you can do by tapping the screen to make Mario jump–affects how your character behaves. The goal, like on the console version, is to get to the flag pole at the end.The courses will seem familiar to those who’ve been playing the franchise for decades, but the game includes something new: a competitive mode. In a demonstration on the stage, Miyamoto explained that people can play against other users from across the globe to get high scores on courses to see who can collect the most coins and make the most impressions on toads, which you can then recruit for your own Mushroom Kingdom.“Super Mario has evolved whenever he has encountered a new platform,” Miaymoto said in a press release. With the new one-handed capabilities, the possibilities are endless for multi-tasking. “For the first time ever, players will be able to enjoy a full-fledged Super Mario game with just one hand, giving them the freedom to play while riding the subway or my favorite, eating a hamburger.”It’s unknown how much the game will cost, although at the conference, Miyamoto said the game will be available for a “set price.” However, according to the App Store, there will still be in-app purchases. A free version of the game will be available, with the price giving users the opportunity to unlock the full version.No official release date or price has been set, but the company expects the app to be available by the holidays this year.last_img read more

Ion exchange may be most important driver of gill development in fish

first_imgCommon Carp with gill flap birth defect, a good visual example of gills. Image: Wikipedia. More information: Ions first: Na+ uptake shifts from the skin to the gills before O2 uptake in developing rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, doi:10.1098/rspb.2009.1545 © 2009 Citation: Ion exchange may be most important driver of gill development in fish (2010, January 18) retrieved 18 August 2019 from ( — A long-standing theory is that the first function of fish gills was to allow fish to breathe, but new research is casting doubt on the idea that this activity developed first. Research links evolution of fins and limbs with that of gills Explore further A research team from the University of British Columbia in Canada studied the development of gills in the rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) to find out which function of the gills appeared first: oxygen uptake or ion exchange. Their experiments suggest that gills were involved in ion exchange first, which further suggests this might have been the first activity to evolve. The experiments provide the first direct physiological evidence to support what is known as the ionoregulatory hypothesis.The research team placed each larva in a type of compartmentalized plastic box called a flux chamber, which had one compartment for the head and gills, and another for the tail end, and then measured oxygen and ion levels (sodium and potassium) at both ends. By 15-16 days after hatching, the gills were exchanging more ions than the tail, but it took another 8-13 days before the gills were exchanging more oxygen. Ions (charged chemical particles) are necessary for the cells to function, but they can become toxic if their concentration in the blood is too high. One of the researchers, Ms Clarice Fu, said that the pressures affecting larvae were similar to evolutionary pressures, which is why scientists often study the development of larvae to investigate evolution. She said that some of the pressures include an greater body size, more active lifestyle, and thicker skin. As the larvae grew the pressures (such as the thickening skin) drove ion exchange to the gills before they started to use the gills for breathing, which Fu said indicates the same thing may have occurred during the evolution of the fish: those individuals with gills capable of ion exchange would have a better chance of survival than those that did not, or those that retained a thinner skin for ion uptake.The research paper is published online in this week’s edition of the Royal Society journal Proceedings B. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Slingatron vision is to launch payloads into orbit

first_imgAn artist’s concept for a full scale Slingatron space launcher about 200-300 meters in diameter. The spiral track is mounted on support pylons which contain drive motors and counterweight flywheels. Payload assemblies are prepared for launch nearby. A Kickstarter project features Slingatron, the work of a seasoned team of scientists as a way to put cargo into orbit. The Slingatron is a mechanical, hypervelocity mass accelerator. The inventor of the Slingatron is Dr. Derek A. Tidman, author of the book, “SLINGATRON – A Mechanical Hypervelocity Mass Accelerator.” The book sets forth the concept and now Hyper V Technologies of Chantilly, Virginia, the project leaders, are to put the Tidman concept into action. © 2013 Explore further KickSat co-creator, team launches new ‘Pocket Spacecraft’ project on Kickstarter More information: … -a-railroad-to-space Citation: Slingatron vision is to launch payloads into orbit (2013, July 25) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Tidman is part of the Hyper V Technologies team presenting the Kickstarter project. According to his biographical notes, he first came to the U.S. as an assistant professor at the Fermi Institute for Nuclear Studies, University of Chicago. In reviewing the book, Daniel Spicer, senior scientist, Emeritus, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, commented that “the Slingatron is a highly imaginative and surprisingly simple approach to accelerate large masses to hypervelocity using just off-the-shelf technology and good old-fashioned classical Newtonian mechanics.”A generous display of descriptions on how it works is on the Kickstarter page. The Slingatron technology can be incrementally grown in performance and size to launch payloads into orbit. The Kickstarter project goal is to build and demonstrate a modular Slingatron to launch, in the team’s laboratory, a 1/4 pound payload to 1 kilometer/sec. That is about 2,237 mph. If launched straight up at that speed, a payload would reach an altitude of about 51 km, neglecting air resistance, they said.They have turned to Kickstarter for the next step in making Slingatron a reality and that next stage will give them technical information, practical experience, and cost data on what will be required to build a full-scale Slingatron orbital launch system in the future. They said they plan to use Kickstarter funds to build a modular, horizontal Slingatron device that is five meters (16.4 feet) in diameter and capable of gyrating at 40 to 60 cycles per second (cps).”This Slingatron will be designed to be able to launch a 0.454 kg (1 lb) payload at a velocity of one kilometer per second, but will only be operated with 1/4 lb payloads for the demo. It will take us approximately six months to build and test the demo device.”The project will only be funded if at least $250,000 is pledged by Aug 22. They are inviting pledges from one dollar to $10,000 and above. At the time of this writing they raised $4,842 with 28 days to go.HyperV Technologies is focused on producing “the world’s first commercially viable fusion reactor technology.” Their research efforts are on the development of a “controlled hot fusion reactor that is scalable to provide from 100 MW to 2,000 MW of clean baseload electric power.” This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

UK rally to send love to Australias equal marriage campaigners

first_imgThe creator of the boylesque troupe, Fez Faanana, added: “Our event is about stomping our heels, kicking up dust and being heard about marriage equality in Australia.“It’s about rallying together, while here in London, to remind our stunning sunburned country that the support exists here overseas.”He adds: “Australia is a land with a difficult history of inequality and now is the time to continue moving forward and managing this turbulence. “It breaks my heart to think about the potential negative impact on individuals, young people, couples, families and communities in Australia.“The sanctity of marriage is real and everyone is entitled to this sanctity including same sex couples. Our Briefs Factory productions are about diversity, the celebration of life, the acknowledgement and celebration of similarities and differences.“We proudly tour the world as an Australian company representing difference and continue to have such wonderful support from UK audiences.“The world is waiting and watching to see if the people of Australia have progressed forward enough to vote ‘yes’ for equality. The world needs to put the pressure on and Australians all over the world need to fight for the chance to have their say.”Australia is preparing for a non-binding postal vote on legalising same-sex marriage.Pending a legal challenge, ballot papers are expected to be sent out for a postal vote later this month.The vote has been very controversial as it is going ahead without permission from Parliament, under the authority of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. It is entirely unofficial and not legally binding in itself.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) A mass demonstration in favour of marriage equality is set to go ahead in London to show solidarity with LGBT Australians, ahead of a public vote on equal marriage..The London rally will take place on Tuesday, September 12 at the Southbank’s Underbelly Festival. The organisers, Australian ‘boylesque’ performance troupe Briefs, intend to stage the largest show of support for equal marriage in Australia that London has seen.On the evening of September 12, ballot papers are issued for the forthcoming postal survey.Organisers will lead hundreds, many of whom are Australian same sex couples, in a show of support for equal marriage and equal love, as voting is expected to begin in their home country.Australian couples, audience members and anyone wishes to supports a change in the law are urged to participate in this call to action.Briefs performer and rally organiser, Thomas Worrell is currently unable to marry his long-term partner in Australia.He says: “Being in a same sex relationship, engaged and unable to marry while the entire country debates my rights is a complicated and difficult situation. To add to that being on the other side of the world and feeling removed from it all is even more challenging.“We are going to make noise, even if we’re on the other side of the globe. There are so many Australians living or travelling around the world who want their voices to be heard in this matter.“Many Australian same sex couples have been forced to marry overseas but won’t have their marriage recognised when they return home, and some just haven’t gone back.“This is a chance for Australians living in London and others who believe marriage is the equal right of all to come together and celebrate life and just take a moment to acknowledge that while we aren’t at home, we are still connected, still responsible and still have a voice. A way to come together and celebrate equal love.” Australian broadcaster bans phrase ‘equal marriage’ ahead of public voteAustralian state may stop religious schools from anti-gay discriminationAustralia ‘No’ camp claims boys will be forced to wear dresses to school after equal marriage votePINK NEWS-last_img read more

New Tourico data indicates strong year for hotel bookings in India

first_imgTourico Holidays New Tourico data indicates strong year for hotel bookings in IndiaNew Tourico data indicates strong year for hotel bookings in IndiaTourico Holidays, one of the world’s fastest growing wholesale travel brokerage companies, today shared 2017 hotel booking data that shows a 97 percent increase in hotel bookings in India compared to the same time last year.According to Tourico’s data, the European Union was a driving force behind the increase with EU travelers booking 109 percent more rooms in 2017 compared to this time last year. The Asia-Pacific region also increased its hotel bookings in India by 53 percent year-over-year, while North America increased its bookings by 32 percent year-over-year. Specifically, China (+115% YoY), the United Arab Emirates (+113% YoY), Canada (+105% YoY), the United Kingdom (+57% YoY), and the United States (+20% YoY) were amongst the countries with the largest hotel booking influxes in India.“India is currently experiencing a boom in travel demand – and with a diversity of source markets increasing their bookings, it’s a safe bet that the country’s tourism industry will experience healthy growth throughout the next decade,” said Madhuri Khanna, Regional Director of Product Development in Southeast Asia for Tourico Holidays. “A relaxed e-visa regime and an emphasis on bolstering tourism has India primed to become a major global destination in the years to come. To ensure suppliers are prepared to capitalize on the current and future influx, Tourico is working closely with its Indian hotel suppliers and offering industry-leading business intelligence tools.”Travel distribution clients in India are also noticing an uptick in international travel from a changing Indian population. Tourico Holidays is reporting a 28 percent year-over-year growth in outbound hotel bookings from India. Asia-Pacific bookings have largely contributed to the growth, with a 58 percent increase from APAC in 2017 – including significant growth from China (+127% YoY), Malaysia (+101% YoY), Thailand (27% YoY), and Australia (+24% YoY).Hotel bookings from India to the EU increased by 20 percent year-over-year, led by Turkey (+90% YoY), Spain (+33% YoY), and the United Kingdom (+28% YoY), while hotel bookings to North America increased by 10 percent year-over-year.“Encouraged by India’s leading GDP global growth rate, a growing middle class, and a millennial age block that is increasingly enjoying more disposable income, the country is rapidly becoming an outbound travel force,” said Khanna. “Our local Indian office will ensure that all of our distribution clients have the professional support and industry expertise necessary to take advantage of the influx.”Tourico Holidays currently has an office in the Executive Center in Gurgaon, Haryana. For more information on Tourico’s hotel business in India, or to contact a local representative, please call +91- 124- 4981 330.About Tourico HolidaysTourico Holidays, a business unit within Hotelbeds Group, is a leading global travel distributor that contracts directly with travel providers, such as hotels, flights, cruise lines, attractions, car rentals, vacation homes and more. Tourico works on a high-volume, wholesale model to broker this inventory to over 2,500 clients in 95 countries using proprietary technology.For more information please visit: www.TouricoHolidays.comSource = Touraco Holidayslast_img read more

• Russell Wilson a magician again for the Seahaw

first_img• Russell Wilson ‘a magician’ again for the Seahawks (ESPN)“He’s a magician,” Seattle tight end Jimmy Graham would tell me afterward, shaking his head for emphasis. “I mean, I don’t even know what to say.”Tuesday, October 18• Richard Sherman ‘family tree’: Who has influenced the Seahawks cornerback? (The Seattle Times)It started with a question to Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman: Which player was most important to your career?The plan was to then find the player who had most influenced Sherman and ask that player who most influenced him — a rabbit hole that would hopefully create something similar to a Richard Sherman “family tree,” or at least a more linear “family branch” of former players.• Upon further review, Seahawks should weather Richard Sherman rant just fine (Seattle Times)Seahawks’ history of overcoming tumult should limit any lingering effects of Richard Sherman’s sideline tirade Sunday and could even be the event that brings them that much closer.• The problem with Seahawks’ running game? Pete Carroll says they just weren’t able to run it enough (The Seattle Times)What Carroll also didn’t think was a huge factor to the running game Sunday was Wilson’s mobility. While Wilson looked better than in other games this season, he still wasn’t the statistical factor running that he usually has been throughout his career, with three carries for 11 yards until the final three kneeldowns. • Seahawks’ improving line to face ‘real problem’ in Chandler Jones, Cardinals ( when the Seahawks’ pass protection was by far the team’s most pressing concern?It wasn’t long ago that the offensive line, which featured new starters in four of five positions in 2016, was considered Seattle’s Achilles’ heel and a possible disqualifier for a team with Super Bowl aspirations.• Ranking the Seahawks’ most irreplaceable players ( Seahawks seemed to have dodged a major bullet after defensive end Michael Bennett suffered a knee injury in last week’s 26-24 win over the Atlanta Falcons. Bennett, 30, left the game in the third quarter after a low block by Falcons tackle Jake Matthews. After going to the locker room, he returned to the sideline, but didn’t reenter the game.• Game day in the desert: Slowing a new Cardinals threat key for Seahawks ( day dawning in the desert with the temperature in the mid-60 — on the way to 95 degrees.Because the University of Phoenix’s stadium rules call for the roof to be open for the teams’ pregame warmups if it is to be open for the game, here’s guessing (for what it may be worth) the roof will be closed in air conditioning tonight for the Seahawks at the Cardinals. It’ll be in the mid-90s when the teams are warming up around 4:30 p.m. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling But the area where they most need to improve is obvious: the run game. The Seahawks are averaging just 3.17 yards per carry (30th in the league) and are 29th in Football Outsiders’ rushing efficiency rankings.• Cliff Avril: The only Seahawk who can calm Michael Bennett down ( end Cliff Avril has been with the Seattle Seahawks since 2013 and is one of the defense’s most consistent players.I caught up with him this week about a variety of topics, from what it takes to calm down teammate Michael Bennett to the defensive-line dinners on the road.• Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is all about business, on and off the field (USA Today)He calls himself a clothes addict and said he’d taken 2,000 photos of clothes before starting the men’s wear company, Good Man Brand. During the afternoon meeting, as a business partner talked about the company’s 2016 launch and the clothes selling at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, Wilson smiled.Thursday, October 20• Seattle still unsure of Kam Chancellor’s status for Arizona ( Seattle Seahawks remain uncertain whether strong safety Kam Chancellor will be able to play Sunday against Arizona. But a 26-24 victory this past Sunday against a strong Atlanta Falcons squad saw the puzzle pieces starting to fit together.Russell Wilson completed 25-of-37 passes for 270 yards while running back Christine Michael churned out 64 yards and two touchdowns on 18 carries. Meanwhile, tight end Jimmy Graham has become a fixture in the passing attack with six catches in each of his last three games.So as the Cardinals hope to prove that beating down two less-than-perfect squads means something this Sunday night, the Seahawks have already flexed their muscles with an impressive win.Need to know more about Seattle? We’ll scout out the answers for you throughout the week.It’s Behind Enemy Lines …Sunday, October 23• With Kam Chancellor doubtful, Kelcie McCray in line to start again for Seahawks ( Chancellor’s doubtful status for Sunday night’s game at Arizona means Kelcie McCray is in line to start for the second straight week at strong safety. It’ll be a chance for McCray to move past the fallout from the breakdowns in coverage last week against Atlanta, one of which preceded the sideline tirade from cornerback Richard Sherman that became as much of a story as the outcome of the game itself. Top Stories Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman warms up before an NFL football game against the New York Jets Sunday, Oct. 2, 2016, in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun) Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Coach Pete Carroll said Wednesday that Chancellor remained day-to-day, but the Seahawks’ big safety did not practice later in the day. Chancellor suffered a groin injury last week during practice and missed last Sunday’s win over Atlanta.• Seahawks’ Richard Sherman: no regrets for sideline outburst ( Sherman felt no need to apologize.The Seattle Seahawks cornerback said Wednesday that he has no regrets about his angry sideline tirade during the Atlanta game that has become as much a part of the conversation as the Seahawks sitting at 4-1 or their game this Sunday at division rival Arizona.“Nope, nothing at all,” Sherman said.• Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable says team is still trying to find its running game (Seattle Times)Offensive line coach Tom Cable said Wednesday the Seahawks are still searching for their running game, which ranks 25th in the NFL this week.• Seahawks hope Luke Willson can return ‘within weeks’ from surgery ( coach Pete Carroll is hopeful that tight end Luke Willson can return “within weeks” after having arthroscopic knee surgery Tuesday, two days after he was hurt in Seattle’s win over Atlanta. It sounds like Carroll is even expecting as much. That Wilson has 35 yards rushing on 21 carries for the season — he still has a career average of 35.7 rushing yards per game — is obviously impacting the rushing attack, and the hope is once he back to normal the rushing attack will be, as well.Carroll, though, said he thought he saw signs of the old Wilson Sunday.• What we learned from the Seahawks’ win over Atlanta (710 AM ESPN Seattle)Seattle’s defense can dissolve without warning. This is not about Richard Sherman or his anger on the sidelines. We’ll get to that in a bit. But through five games, the Seahawks have been exceptional on defense except for two periods: the fourth quarter against San Francisco in Week 3 and the third quarter of Sunday’s game against Atlanta. Those two quarters account for more than 25 percent of the total yards Seattle has allowed this season and nearly half the points the Seahawks have given up.• Seahawks get good news on Bennett, not so good on Willson ( coach Pete Carroll said Monday afternoon that Bennett, who left the game in the third quarter with a right knee injury, is “doing pretty good. His tests came out clear. He just got banged on the knee.” Recall that the winner of that award a year ago — which is voted on by members of the Pro Football Writers Association (I’m not one, by the way) — was the man who put together the reeling Jets, Mike Maccagnan.• Kelcie McCray shares his version of Seahawks’ coverage bust ( Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman said earlier this week that “things didn’t get communicated the right way” on Julio Jones’ 36-yard touchdown last Sunday.Defensive coordinator Kris Richard took responsibility for the coverage bust on Thursday.And on Friday, Seahawks strong safety Kelcie McCray offered his version of what went wrong. Wednesday,  October 19• Wagner, Wilson the top rookie pair since 2006 ( much conversation brewing across the league about Cowboys rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot, longtime scout, personnel boss and analyst Gil Brandt of looked at the best rookie pairs in the NFL since 2006. Brandt’s list is based on rookie-year production only. Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner and quarterback Russell Wilson — members of Seattle’s 2012 draft class — took the No. 1 spot, beating out the Cowboys’ young combo.• ‘No doubt’ this could be Carroll’s best-blitzing Seahawks defense (710 AM ESPN Seattle)Seahawks coach Pete Carroll did not hesitate Monday in affirming the notion that this year’s defense could be as effective at blitzing as any he’s had in Seattle. The primary reasons, Carroll told “Brock and Salk,” are that linebackers Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright have come into their own in that area of their game, as has Kris Richard as a defensive coordinator. But that’s just part of it.• Seahawks set to be underdogs for the first time this season vs. Cardinals (The Seattle Times)With the next NFL week now getting into full swing, the Arizona Cardinals are settling in as a favorite in Las Vegas for Sunday’s game against the Seahawks in Glendale. • Seahawks place Garrison Smith on IR, bring back Sealver Siliga (Seattle Post Intelligencer)The Seahawks shook up the interior of their defensive line on Tuesday, placing defensive tackle Garrison Smith on injured reserve and re-signing Sealver Siliga.• Seahawks’ Luke Willson undergoes arthroscopic knee surgery (Seattle Post Intelligencer)The Seahawks will likely be without the services of tight end Luke Willson for an extended period after the fourth-year pro underwent arthroscopic knee surgery Tuesday.• Evolution or revolution: Seahawks choosing to pass over run game( Seahawks are passing more because they are pass blocking better. The 2016 offensive line has new starters in four of the five positions: Sowell, Mark Glowinski at left guard, first-time center Justin Britt and rookie right guard Germain Ifedi. Only right tackle Garry Gilliam has returned from 2015. That much-maligned, scrutinized line has allowed 10 sacks through five games.• Fallout from Sherman’s sideline volcano: “We are stronger for that” ( coach acknowledged Monday that Sherman “went over the top” in his screaming at defensive coordinator Kris Richard, just about every player he saw — and even inactive strong safety Kam Chancellor, the usual chief communicator on the defense. For a brief moment Sherman and Chancellor, in a hoodie, were nose to nose in front of the bench. • Huard’s Chalk Talk: Christine Michael’s TD a bright spot for Seahawks’ struggling run game (710 AM ESPN Seattle)The Seahawks finished with 72 yards on 27 attempts Sunday for a 2.7 yards-per-carry average (though that becomes a more respectable 3.2 when excluding from the equation three kneel-downs that lost a combined 4 yards). Seattle now ranks 25th in the NFL in rushing at 88.8 yards per game and 30th in yards per carry at 3.2, unfamiliar territory for what has been one of the league’s best rushing offenses since 2012. Comments   Share   Friday, October 21• Kam Chancellor doubtful, Kevin Pierre-Louis out ( starters on the Seattle defense will likely be out for Sunday night’s game. Chancellor is listed as doubtful and not out, but head coach Pete Carroll spoke like the team will not see him on the field this week when addressing the optimism for the following week.“We surely think that way because we thought we would have a shot at this week; we just couldn’t get there,” Carroll said. “Next week is quite likely. Hopefully we’ll get it done.” • Kelcie McCray likely to start against, tells his side of Sherman blowup ( Chancellor is apparently going to be out again.That means the Seahawks are preparing Kelcie McCray to be in again at strong safety Sunday night at Arizona.McCray — and all of Seattle — hope this game is less eventful and scrutinized for him than the last one.• Going off on Richard Sherman, dreaming about the Apple Cup: Times readers sound off (Seattle Times)Richard Sherman needs to look into the mirror. His outburst on Sunday against the Falcons was totally uncalled for and disruptive. This is a team sport, not an individual one.If he has a problem with criticism from his coordinator (justified criticism, by the way), then he is the problem! Or if he has a problem with a teammate, then he should pull him aside and mentor the man with constructive criticism.• NFL Executive of the Year? Amazingly, it hasn’t been John Schnedier of the Seahawks (Seattle Times)The complete and utter disaster that are the New York Jets — forced this week to go back to Geno Smith at quarterback to replace interception-prone Ryan Fitzpatrick — also reinforces the farce that is the fact that Seattle’s John Schneider has yet to win the NFL’s Executive of the Year award. • Seahawks TE Jimmy Graham misses practice with hip issue (, 29, has not missed a game this season — despite being listed on the injury report for each of the first five contests — after coming back from a ruptured patellar tendon suffered last November. He missed a day of practice ahead of Seattle’s Week 4 matchup with the Jets with a back injury, but caught six passes for a season-high 113 yards against New York days later.• Seahawks D-coordinator Kris Richard on Sherman outburst: ‘Maybe I need to calm down’ (Seattle Times)Seahawks defensive coordinator Kris Richard said Thursday he takes the blame for the miscommunciation that led to Richard Sherman’s sideline outburst Sunday.• How Earl Thomas and Russell Wilson have made each other better (Seattle Times)Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and safety Earl Thomas have practiced against each other for five seasons. Those daily battles have made each of them better.• Seahawks run game needs Russell Wilson’s legs ( five games, the 4-1 Seattle Seahawks have a lot going for them. The defense has played well. Russell Wilson has battled through injuries. And tight end Jimmy Graham has been a pleasant surprise. As the Arizona Cardinals have begun to scrap their way back up the NFL standings with two consecutive wins against sub-par competition, the rival Seattle Seahawks have rounded into form following a slow start.Well, slow for them.Seattle is 4-1 through six weeks of play with three wins against floundering teams in Miami (12-10), San Francisco (37-18) and the Jets (27-17). In Week 2, the Seahawks’ biggest blunder of the year came in the form of a 9-3 loss to the Los Angeles Rams. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the enewsletterScenic has unveiled fresh details of its submersible vessel which will be available for guests on the Australian company’s Discovery Yacht, Scenic Eclipse.Developed by Dutch submersible manufacturers, the U Boat Worx Cruise Submarine 7 will be capable of diving to a depth of 300 metres with seating for up to six guests and has been custom-built for optimal sightseeing of marine life and wonders.It has been designed to meet international noise standards and to provide unmatched comfort, space and style, with maximum legroom and headroom while keeping overall weight and size to a minimum. This combination delivers the ultimate diving experience. Internal climate control and a surround-sound music system form part of the fine detailing, together with the optimum ergo dynamics to facilitate ease of boarding and disembarking.U Boat Worx Cruise Submarine 7 © U-Boat WorxScenic Founder and Chairman, Glen Moroney, said the submarine will offer guests a unique opportunity to go below and beyond.“Scenic has always sought to venture beyond the horizon and with our submarine we provide guests with the opportunity to enjoy unparalleled access to some of nature’s most beautiful marine environments. From inside the U-Boat Worx submersibles, each guest will enjoy an uninterrupted view thanks to the strategic placement of all components and the use of an ultra-clear acrylic hull, expertly engineered to make you feel “at one” with the ocean,” Moroney said.The submersible’s design consists of a three-person pod on the front and at the back of the sub for a total of six guests plus the pilot, who is located behind the guests. The seats are mounted on a platform that can swivel 180 degrees, so guests are able to see both sides of the submarine. Strong exterior lights will allow guests to take in the colours and details of wrecks and other underwater sights.“The sub is able to do from eight up to 12 dives per day, depending on the length of dive, giving as many guests as possible access to this unique opportunity,” said Moroney. “Because the cabin is pressurised, there is also no need for a slow ascent or descent. One of the thrills for guests is a fast, upward journey where they pop out from below the ocean with a splash.”Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more