Angry Birds Rio launches new Beach Volley episode gets hipster theme song

If you’ve already played and beaten Angry Birds multiple times, you’ve probably also been playing Rovio’s newest version, Angry Birds Rio, which ties into 20th Century Fox’s animated film “Rio”. Angry Birds Rio was launched for iOS, Android and Mac OS X in March.The characters appear in Rio de Janeiro. It initially included two episodes with 30 levels each. The first episode has the birds rescuing caged exotic birds, and in the second episode, the birds were attacking marmosets.This update takes the birds to the beaches of Rio and focuses more on monkey attacks than the peaceful freeing of birds.Rovio is mixing things up by adding different materials to the update, including a lot more sand and sun, as well as various beach paraphernalia like inflatable rings, beach umbrellas, plantains, and a special golden fruit.Angry Birds Rio is available at the iTunes App Store and the Amazon App Store for 99 cents. Android users can also access Angry Birds Rio from the Android Market for free. Once you have Angry Birds Rio, the updates are free, and Rovio is promising more updates will be released throughout the year. Currently, you can only get the Beach Volley update through the Amazon and iTunes version, since those are paid versions. The Android Market and a Windows Phone 7 versiona are on their way. You can see a trailer of Beach Volley below.In addition to the new update, there’s also an Angry Birds Rio samba single being released in the Apple iTunes Store for 99 cents. It’s based on the music from the Angry Birds Rio. However, the samba single may have some competition as Pomplamoose, a popular band seen often on YouTube, has just released its cover of the Angry Birds theme song. You may know the duo that makes up Pomplamoose from Toyota’s “Mr. Sandman” commercial in 2010,or Hyundai’s 2010 Christmas commercial.You can watch the video below. Warning, there is some Angry Birds-style violence.

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